National Producers’ Registry (N.P.R.)

H.R.A. is responsible to set up and operate a National Producers’ Registry (N.P.R.) for every stream included in the Alternative Waste Management.

Participation in the N.P.R. is compulsory for all producers which are subject to liability to organize or participate to E.P.R. Schemes according to their activities. Following participation in N.P.R., each producer is attributed a unique Producer Registration Number.

N.P.R. mainly aims at:

  1. The collection and evaluation of data concerning quantities and categories of products that are put in the Greek market,
  2. networking and information exchange with other member states’ national registries,
  3. providing relevant information to stakeholders (publicity).

So far, the Registry for Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), for batteries and accumulators, used tyres and end of life vehicles has been established and operates. N.P.R. is expected to operate for the total of related products, within the second half of 2015.

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